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  1. I read eight books (mostly on productivity & habits):- Nothing beats reading. It is like getting insights into years of experience in less than 5 hrs. Also, I started reading Biographies. I aim to finish 20 this year!
  2. I started Healthy eating. With few experiments, I…

running docker in docker container

DevOps Engineer Role

  1. Packer is a simple utility that automates VM Image creation.
  2. To put it simply, whatever manual steps you perform to create a Virtual machine image can be automated through a simple Packer config template.
  3. You declare the state of the VM image you need, and Packer will build it for you.
  1. Golden Image Creation: With Packer, you can template the configurations required for a golden VM image that can be used across organizations.
  2. Monthly VM Patching: You can integrate Packer in your monthly VM image patching pipeline to keep…

immutable infrastructure explaines

So what does immutable infrastructure really mean?

A small explanation for GitOps

What does GitOps really mean?

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